Mold Detector

One problem all homemakers have to tackle is the formation of mold in their houses because of increased air humidity levels. As mold grows with moisture, it spreads quickly in its presence. It grows on any type of surface, especially on stuff made of cellulose.
Mold Detector
Research has proven that it is due to some unknown indoor moisture problems that there is an increase in mold formation. This mold is part of the fungi family, and in the indoor form, can cause an allergy in most people. This is why mold inspection with the help of mold detectors is very important to prevent mold from spreading.

While it is possible to hire professionals for mold detection, it can be rather expensive to most people. This is why it is better to carry out a do-it-yourself mold detection routine at home as often as possible.

Look for any visible mold before you buy a mold detector

The first thing you have to do is to hunt for any visible mold. This is possible only if you know the natural characteristics of mold. On appearing, mold looks like a cotton-like element that develops into green, black, gray or white color as it grows.

Another method of mold detection is to detect it through its smell as molds produce strong and musty odors. So if you find some smell at home that puts you off, it means you have to put your mold detector to work. However mold behind walls, panels and canals are odor-free. So if your house does not smell moldy, don’t think that your house is free of mold.

If you have a basement that is prone to water damage through flooding or similar episodes, it is better to carry out an indoor mold test of your basement. You are most likely to find your basement filled with mold. Trace out all the water stains and water seepage stains on walls and ceilings and of course, keep your nose trained for strong odors of mustiness.

Frequent nasal congestion suggests mold growth

If you find yourself going through frequent bouts of nasal congestions, stuffy nose and clearing of throat, it could indicate mold growth. Besides all this, you should purchase mold detector in the form of DIY mold test kits for sale.
Mold Test Kits
You can get this mold detector kit in most home improvement and hardware stalls. These kits are easy to use; all you have to do is to follow the instructions accompanying it for instant results. With the help of these mold detector kits, you will be able to tell if there is any toxic mold in your house.

Seek professional help if required

It is important to use these kits to test mold spores to find out if the mold in your home is black mold, and thus carry out a mold cleanup. This is a much cheaper option than having professionals carry out your mold detection job for you.

However if you sense mold exposure in your house, but your mold detector does not seem to detect any mold, it is wiser to get help from certified mold inspectors. They not only have better mold detectors to detect mold in your house, they also use their expertise to identify the spots of possible mold growth and of course, get rid of mold.

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